Monday, November 10, 2008

About The Cleveland Skeptics

What do Penn and Teller, The Mythbusters, and Hermione Granger all have in common? They are all skeptics! Meet with people who like to examine commonly held ideas and beliefs with a scientific eye willing to accept an extraordinary claim only with extraordinary evidence.

Do you value examining the actual evidence for claims? Do you like to challenge others ideas as well as be challenged? Do you want to live in a world that values science and critical thinking over superstition and credulity? If so, we want you!

We have had many interesting discussions, exchanged stories about the latest skeptical claims in the media as well as field trips such as a psychic fair, the haunted Farnam Manor where we met The Ghost Whisperer, a woman who speaks to the dead, and The Great Lakes Science Center. Most recently we joined the Drinking Skeptically network of local monthly gatherings at the bar for a chance to really kick back with other skeptics.

Most of all, you will find it refreshing to meet with a group of people who care if what they believe is actually true. No doubt, skeptics really know how to have fun!

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