Monday, November 10, 2008

About The Cleveland Skeptics

Since 2008, our members have been making friends, learning, challenging and being challenged with people who like to explore commonly held ideas and beliefs with a scientific eye. Take a break from those who buy into the latest “cure” or conspiracy theory, or those who won't let go of  the oldest religious idea, or social standard based on "truthiness" alone. Hang out for a laugh, write an action letter, and learn to think critically.  Get to know a group of people who want a better world through examining new and old ideas alike! Learn more about what is skepticism and see our current events calendar where you register to RSVP.
The Cleveland Skeptics hold about 3-5 activities per month including events like:

  • Regular book club, gaming nights and monthly Drinking Skeptically (non-drinkers are welcome and plentiful!)
  • Frequent museum trips to see latest exhibits and lectures (Natural history, science, art or others)
  • Annual Darwin Day
  • Regular Book Club
  • Thinking Skeptically lectures/discussions
  • Stop on the CSI Paranormal Roadtrip
  • Movies- sometimes related to skepticism sometimes just for fun
  • Charitable Fundraisers such as the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon
  • Historical tour of Kirtland's Mormon Temple
  • Attending a Christian Halloween “Judgment House”
  • Occasional trips to new age fairs with "New Age Bingo"
  • Casual gatherings, sometimes with a theme of discussion
  • Annual review of new year's "psychic" predictions of our members
  • Miscellaneous good times such as bowling, picnics, hikes, science fairs, playhouse square, etc.
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