Monday, December 15, 2008

Ghost Busts Burglar

A Malaysian buglar claims to have been held captive by a supernatural figure of some sort.

The man told police that every time he tried to escape, a "supernatural figure" shoved him to the ground.
The couple who owned the home found him when they returned home. He was hungry and dehydrated and taken to the hospital.

What are some possible explanations for this? The man could be mentally ill, he could by lying, he could have been trying to flee through an exit with some sort of barrier he couldn't see, or it was a supernatural being guarding the house. There could be countless other explanations, too. Let's say the man is not mentally ill and not lying and there is no evidence of any barriers. This would to many be "proof" or evidence that it was a supernatural being. ("Well what other explanation is there?") This would be a commonly made argument from ignorance. Just because one cannot find any evidence of alternative explanations does not mean one has found evidence of their own particular explanation.

The supernatural being explanation is also in violation of Occam's razor in that it is making an unnecessary assumption that supernatural beings actually exist when other possible explanations include possibilities already known to exist such as mental illness, deceit, or people with poor vision walking into glass patio doors.

What did keep this man contained in the house for three days? Based on the article, we just don't know, but if I were that couple I wouldn't start depending on the Ghost Guard Security System anytime soon.

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