Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Date with Darwin

Last Saturday for Valentine's Day, the Cleveland Skeptics and the Cleveland Freethinkers commemorated Darwin Day (February 12) with a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and to see a one-man play by Professor Floyd Sandford reviewing the life of Charles Darwin.

We loved the museum so much they had to flip the lights and then ask us to leave so they could lock the doors. Onward from there, many of us went to Mi Pueblo on Euclid Ave. near E. 117th where the Mexican food was not your typical American-Mexican.

Thanks so much to everyone who came and made this a fantastic event with the largest turn-out ever!

Floyd Sandford as Charles Darwin in "Darwin Remembers".

A representation of the great flood?

Replica of Lucy.

Mark portrays the angry Young Earth Creationist.

Ginger excited to finally be able to
do some birding while at the museum.

There are many more pictures at the Cleveland Skeptic's photo album and the Cleveland Freethinker's photo album. To RSVP for a Cleveland Skeptics event go to our meetup.com page, or likewise, to RSVP for a Cleveland Freethinkers event go here.

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Sponyak said...

"... a representation of the great flood?"

Hahahahaha! Oh man, that is priceless.