Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Drinking Skeptically

January's Drinking Skeptically was beyond a success! 23 skeptics joined together at the Willoughby Brewing Company for good food, great beer, and wonderful company and conversation! After dinner was over, the truly dedicated headed off through the cold streets of downtown Willoughby to a warm Arabica's for a little post drinking coffee and snacks. When the Arabica's closed, the die-hard skeptics headed off to another pub, 1899, where we found a cozy little corner upstairs with some big comfy couches and of course, more drinks.

23 skeptics at our third Drinking Skeptically!

At 1899, Randy and Karen debate the virtues of
draft microbrews vs. American staple Miller Lite.

The new rap sensation - "GiGi and Scottero" perform The Bible Thump!!!!

Beyond a doubt, Josh is the happiest skeptic we know!

Marni, Ginger and Scott pondering a passage from Deuteronomy.
Here are the rest of the photos.

The Cleveland Skeptics are a part of the national Drinking Skeptically network. Drinking Skeptically is, "an informal social event designed to promote fellowship and networking among skeptics, critical-thinkers, and like-minded individuals."

Drinking Skeptically is a casual monthly get together where drinkers and non-drinkers alike can kick back at the bar and feel free to have a drink or two.

If you would like to attend a Cleveland Drinking Skeptically or any Cleveland Skeptics event, please go to our page.

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