Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I would like to take this opportunity to briefly discuss open-mindedness and what it means. I say briefly because I recently stumbled onto a video that explained it more brilliantly than I ever could.

When someone who is promoting a paranormal idea, tells you you're closed-minded, politely inform them that this is a logical fallacy known as ad hominem. They are attacking you, the arguer, instead of your argument.

Don't fall into the same trap, as the skeptic, by dismissing these paranormal ideas out-of-hand by stating, "well, of course that person is wrong...they're stupid/crazy". You would just have committed the same logical fallacy the believer had committed.

Lets remember to keep an open mind about things of the paranormal, but not so open that our brain falls out. Be open, but be skeptical. I would say,
"I'm open-minded, but I need evidence, reason, and argument to be convinced that (paranormal claim) is true."

The following video makes this point beautifully. Watch, enjoy, and share with your friends.

Important Links:
*The Author, of this video's, YouTube Account (excellent videos on critical thinking)

*Who Is Closed Minded, the Skeptic or the Believer? by Brian Dunning

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Hittman said...

Most people who brag about having an open mind are either A)deceiving themselves or B)idiots who will believe anything in the name of open-mindedness.

I do not want an open mind. If you want me to accept your new idea, theory or point if view YOU have to prove it's worth and validity to me. If you can't then I'm going to shrug it off.