Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Phil Plait: Don't Be a Dick!

Phil Plait - Don't Be A Dick from JREF on Vimeo.

An excellent talk by Dr. Phil Plait!

More on this talk:

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The War Over "Nice" by Daniel Loxton

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tajparis said...

Sorry, but I was completely underwhelmed and un-impressed by Dr. Plait's high-profile whinging about internet trolls and poes. I've intended to go more in depth with my criticism on the mailing list, but with back-to-school and so forth I haven't had the time.

Anonymous said...

A talk clearly designed to cater for the religious folk of the skeptical movement. Fallacies and nebulous arguments with nothing to back up his points. Very disappointed in Phil Plait and the Cleveland Skeptics. If you guys swooned at this talk I certainly won't be joining any time soon.

Ginger said...

To Kennykjc- The Cleveland Skeptics and The Cleveland Freethinkers have had many discussions on this topic with a variety of viewpoints. Engaging people with different views has allowed me to think differently about my own opinions over time.

Blog posts aren't meant to present a monolithic opinion of the entirety of the Cleveland Skeptics.

This has been an ongoing topic of discussion on our mailing list (archived at as well as at many different meetups. You are welcome to join and participate in any of these if you want to contribute. We love to challenge each others' opinions and demand that people be able to back up those opinions with evidence and reason.