Monday, January 24, 2011

Cleveland Skeptics' Psychic Predictions

The Cleveland Skeptics recently had a meetup entitled A Skeptical New Year. At this meetup we discussed psychic predictions by Sylvia Browne. We then decided to make our own "psychic" predictions for the year 2011. What follows are the predictions from all those Cleveland Skeptics who participated.

Ginger predicted:

  1. There will be a major internet outage through much of the US.
  2. Two country singers will die together in a tragic car crash.
  3. A major US political figure will come out as gay.
  4. Paris Hilton will be hospitalized for a drug overdose.
  5. Jack LeLanne will die of a massive heart attack. (This could be a hit.)
  6. Christopher Hitchens will pass away, but no death bed conversion.

Mark T. predicted:

  1. A Republican will say something stupid.
  2. Compelling new evidence will be found for the "Multiverse" theory.

Ray and Mary predicted:

  1. Cleveland Freethinkers membership will reach 700 or more.
  2. FOX News will produce false-negative reports about the Obama administration.
  3. Extreme weather will occur in the US and the rest of the world. (This has nothing to do with global warming.)
  4. Peace and love will prevail in the world.
  5. Glenn Beck will be involved in a big scandal and fired from FOX.

Randy S. predicted:

  1. I predict that people will begin seeing Michael Jackson in high-end antique stores, or cub scout meetings.
  2. The great musician Jimi Hendrix will return on the mother ship from whatever nether region of the universe he has been dwelling for the last 40 years.
  3. The Cleveland Skeptics will reach over 400 members.

Randy P. predicted:

  1. Josh(me) will become President in 2026.
  2. Unemployment will rise to 10.1% before end of 2011.
  3. Income inequality will reach a new high.
  4. US poverty rate will increase by at least 2%.
  5. The sky will turn dark once in 2011 somewhere on Earth during daylight hours.
  6. The sky will be filled with blazing trails of light on Monday, January 3.
  7. A magnitude 8.0+ earthquake will strike Sarah Palin's Alaska.

Wendy predicted:

  1. There will be a big earthquake in California.

Marni predicted:

  1. President Obama will officially close Gitmo.

Dale predicted:

1. Micro meteor strikes in the Indian Ocean - between 3 & 7 magnitude earthquake off the west coast of US. You may have heard that Wal-Mart is going "international". I predict that Wal-Mart will go into some 3rd world nations driving whole countries out of business. But, there is hope. Out of the ashes of destruction, like the phoenix, a new nation will rise! And it will be called the country of Wal-Martistan.

I predicted:

  1. Steve Jobs will come out with a new version of the IPad.
  2. Gay marriage will be legalized in half the states.
  3. Marijuana will be fully legalized in at least two states.
  4. President Obama's administration will be plagued with a scandal that will doom Obama's chance for re-election.
  5. Oprah's new network will fail miserably.

There you have it! The Cleveland Skeptics predictions of 2011! Unlike most psychics we will be keeping track of both the misses and hits. We will also take note of the partial hits as well. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

1. I see an earthquake of some kind....or maybe a tornado, wells it's more like a big volcano. Well either way I see mother nature stirring up something in the near future, no one will know about it...and never will.
2. I predicted countries will be involved with money..and people somehow.
3. I also see lots of violence during the summer and winter and some in the fall too.
4. People will begin to notice changes in many different areas.
5. I see advancement in technology that no one has seen will change the world..sort of.
6. I see oil hidden somewhere in the world. I don't know where
7. I see a big important gathering of great importance
8. There will be a breakthrough in medical science I'm not sure in what field though but some breakthrough will occur.
9. We will witness planets and stars and galaxies do all kinds of....well planet star and galaxies like things...and it will be great!....sort of.
10. I see changes in education...not sure what though everything is all fuzzy in my head.
11. We will see very controversial laws take place in California sometime during the year....and the rest of the 49 states and eventually the rest of the world too. But laws will definitely take place!
12. People will finally have a realization of some kind and it will change the world in someway

......there I did it, I'm officially a psychic.

hope im wrong said...

cleveland area could feel a tremendos earthquake during 2012, centered 10 to 300 miles away.northeast US to the mid west will experience this unfavorable water beans rice heat and light for five days and you will be fine if your not crushed or mamed during the intial quake.get out side fast when you feel it.if u cant then get into the triangle of life ,watch 4 falling objects.