Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's new with the Cleveland Skeptics?

The last few months have been very busy for TCS. There have been many changes and a lot more activity. You might say we've been, born again. Wait. Let's not.

First, we have a new slogan:
The Cleveland Skeptics
Cleveland's Candle in the Dark

Expect new buttons in the weeks to come. They will be freely distributed at our events to spread the word.

Next, we have a new twitter account @CLEskeptics. Once we get a critical mass of members following, we may start using this to send event related alerts such as, warning, traffic jam, avoid intersection of Mayhem Blvd. and Angry Ave. This is also linked to our Facebook fan page so that things we post on the fan page pop up in the twitter feed.

Finally, the most important change has been a wider variety of more frequent and fun events. We've been doing more purely social activities such as Bowling for Reason (which will be semi-regular), movie nights, hikes, and as always since 2008, the ever popular Drinking Skeptically. In fact, as of this Saturday, we will have had 20 events in the last four months! A little something for everyone.  Other highlights include a trip to the first Mormon temple built by Joseph Smith, a lecture by Peter Salk about his father's legacy, The Mythical Creatures exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and our 4 year anniversary. In the months to come, James and Michael will be hosting regular Gaming Nights for us to exercise our brains, make friends and have fun.

Lastly, the most important thing to celebrate is our wonderful members and their ongoing contributions to the mailing list, Facebook page and of course, our events. You are an ever intellectually challenging, fun, creative and wonderful group. As Josh loves to say, "Stay Skeptical!"


tajparis said...
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tajparis said...

It makes me happy that "UFO Alien Banana" now has a home on the internet and can be viewed completely out of context. :-)

I </3 typos. And captchas.