Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why would someone trap a kitten in cement? Let's DO something.

This story is making the rounds today.

Why would anyone encase a tiny kitten in concrete up to its neck? (WARNING- Link includes upsetting picture/video) Isaac Wyler, who left the Fundamentalist LDS church (of Warren Jeffs fame) 13 years ago thinks he knows. He found the kitten but has been receiving what he perceives as "death threats" involving dead animals for many years since he's left. ENRAGED? You should be. And here's one way to do some good with that rage. Help The Cleveland Skeptics raise $1,000 for homeless and neglected animals. (Update: disturbing images/video have been removed from link.)

Stasy (to honor Isaac's apostacy and bravery in remaining in the area in order to help fellow apostates) was freed from the cement and taken to Best Friend's Animal Society, a wonderful rescue sanctuary in Utah. Although they were not able to save poor Stasy, they are still helping and hope to help, many more animals in need for many years to come. Let's make that happen. Don't let the unreason that led to this innocent death be for nothing. Don't let Stasy be forgotten!
UPDATE: There is now a petition to the Governor of AZ on change.org

Here are some of the kitties they have saved who you'll be helping-
Smokey Bones

We are up to $560! Thank you so much everyone, we can do this!
Update 7/14/12- We are up to $785, just $215 to go!

And of course please spay or neuter your pets and adopt a shelter animal if you can.

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Brian Macker said...

I'd be interested in seeing some skepticism in this article. What's to say this wasn't an accident? There is zero evidence given in any article I have read that shows this to be a purposeful act? Not even one statement claiming that ladder was not left out like that, and no info on how that pipe was propped up as the cement dried (which we need because there are no large stones wedged at the base to keep it vertical. Obviously the cat fell into the cement but how it got to the top of the pipe has not been proven. it could have climbed the ladder or wooden supports.